Things to do in munnar

Trekking & Camping 

 Munnar is a great place to trek and camp as it has many picturesque hills. There are places still unfazed by the wrath of modernization. Pristine forests and grasslands, wild waterfalls, fascinating flora and fauna… Indeed, it a best place where you can explore unseen nature.

Even there are tea estates that will take you to a different world like “Paradise regained”, an estate division that was formed a century ago. The place was so mesmerizing that the planter at his first sight gave the name Paradise Regained. The main areas where one can camp and trek are Top Station, Kanthaloor, nearby Shola Forests… The main attraction at Top
Station camp is that one can have a 3600 landscape view. You can even walk on the trails discovered by Toby Martin, a pioneer planter. He was the one who developed the transportation route to Tuticorin Port by tracing the tracks of the wild elephants. You may avail of this service of a guide at the help desk.
Tribal Village Tour : Munnar is blessed with a lot of tribal villages; Kanthaloor, Marayoor, Vatavada… They are famous for vegetable and fruit cultivation. The notable characteristic of these tribes is that they still follow their tradition and customs. They are reluctant to embrace modernity and lead a secluded life from the outside world. You can watch their world very closely, like there farms, cattle and their way of life. In fact, it will be a memorable experience for you.
Magic Hours: munnar  though known for the tea plantations has many foothills with lush green vegetations to explore. So try trekking and explore the unexplored Munnar. Get close to the local people and its environment. Above all, you will get a chance to enjoy the nature and appreciate it. At The Silver Tips, we arrange trekking programmes to our plantation, the Cardamom Hills with a mesmerizing waterfall. After trekking, you can energize with our special packed lunch or breakfast. Now, get adventurous by trekking through the mesmerizing Munnar mountain trails and take back good memories.

Paragliding: The last two decades the world saw the popularity of Paragliding rise because it is the only sport where you can soar into the skies like a bird. From time unknown, man had a dream to share the skies with them. At The Silver Tips make, your dreams to fly come true. Now, fly high.
Tent Camping: For once in a life, live like a nomad. Camp out in the wilds. Enjoy life outdoors. Dance to music around a bonfire, or snuggle inside the cozy tent. Listen to the sounds of the cricket and fall asleep. Here, your camping experience will be much more exciting because we will provide you hot showers and food along with a roster of entertainment activities to make your trip a memorable one.  

Rainbow Trout Fishing: It is a very exciting and popular sport, which needs patience and skill. Munnar is the best place for angling and the riverbanks on the foothills is a paradise for the anglers.
Rappelling: Munnar, blessed with numerous cliffs and steep rock faces, gives you a wonderful opportunity for rappelling. Our professionals will start the session with an introduction of the activities and will impart information about rappelling and the various tools followed by demonstration so that you can try your hands on rappelling under their supervision.



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